I Believe in Ammunition…

Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks do not hold back on the gunpowder or the money in their upcoming war drama, The Pacific. The two producers have an estimated budget of almost $150 millions, and it seem that they have put the money in all the right places. Even through the Continue Reading

Resident Evil 4 Set To 2010

Finally, things are starting to roll for the fourth Resident Evil movie. According to Fangoria, Sony/Screen Gems has set the release date, for Resident Evil: Afterlife, to September 17, 2010. The Resident Evil franchise is one of my favorite zombie/survivor movies. Resident Evil: Extinction almost blew me out of the Continue Reading

Inglourious Basterds Trailer

Inglourious Basterds is a spaghetti western, with an iconography from World War 2. However, it is not characteristic for the time. Instead, Tarantino has focused on the story and altered the history, accordingly, or as the intro to the trailer states it, “Once upon a time… In a Nazi occupied Continue Reading

Jennifer’s Body

Diablo Cody won an Oscar for Juno, but I doubt that she will get an Oscar for her latest craftwork, Jennifer’s body, though. However, I think it has all the ingredients to become a cult classic, nonetheless. We have a sexy and big mouthed (literally), cheerleader that eats good-looking college Continue Reading

Transformers 2 Review

Metal swashbuckling against metal with brutal force, with the pitiable (yet some of them sexy) humans squeezed in between, spiced with deep voices sharing wisdom and one- liners. That sums up Michael Bay’s Transformers 2: The Return of the Fallen, pretty well. The movie starts with Optimus Prime telling us Continue Reading

Who plays the father in supernatural?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays John Winchester, the father of Sam and Dean Winchester. The character John Winchester has appeared in 13 episodes. However, in an interview Jeffrey said that he would call Eric Kripke (the creator of Supernatural) and beg him to find a way to include his character in Continue Reading

Where is the TV show Supernatural filmed?

The adventures in Supernatural are shoot at various locations all over British Columbia, Canada. Filming has taken place at Burnaby Hospital, Heritage Village Museum in Burnaby, Old Terminal Pub in New Westminster and Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam, to name a few.